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CCBox Lumiéres is compatible with Cisco CCX, CCE, PCCE, HCS and WxCC.


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Your customers expect so much of your business from every single contact with you. Every contact has the capacity to alter a customer’s perception of your business and this is the same regardless of the size of your organisation or the number of people working in your customer experience department. Don’t leave it to chance.

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What’s in the box?

Workforce Management

The Next Generation of Cloud Workforce Management for your Contact Centre.


CCBox WFM provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform which can provide forecasting and scheduling for your entire contact centre workforce.


CCBox WFM has real-time and historic connectors to your Contact Centre and can provide several additional functions designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overheads.


Our intuitive interface makes the platform perfect for end users utilising workforce management software for the first time, as well as being familiar to seasoned WFM professionals.

Why choose CCBox WFM Optimise?


There are no exclusions to the CCBox WFM solution, we believe in delivering all the benefits to our customers, all of the time.


The cloud based the solution runs entirely through a web browser.  This low impact set-up makes the platform perfect for companies seeking a quick turnaround in staff performance and costs.


The multi-skill, multi-media forecasting tool will help you handle typical contact centre related challenges such as public holidays, seasonality and non-typical peaks and troughs.  All forecasts can be edited through interactive graphs including wholesale adjustments in response to particularly busy or quiet periods.


Our powerful technology provides a multi-skill, multi-media scheduling system which gives you full control.  It includes rotational shifts along with outstanding agent optimisation as standard.


Each agent’s real-time status is graphically displayed, showing what the agent is doing versus what they should be doing and highlighting any differences.


No complex license arrangements, no confusing commercials. CCBox WFM is a flat fee per agent per month, with no minimum commitments.

Call and Screen Recorder

CALL RECORDER The contact centre is a strategic connection point between you and your customers. Every conversation contains a wealth of data that is worth capturing. SCREEN RECORDER Simply listening to agent conversations without actually seeing what they see, will never provide you with a complete understanding of their performance.


Select which calls to record based on your business requirements. Choose between total, random, business rules driven or on-demand recording.


Give your customer interactions context. Record conversations augmented by business data from your contact centre platform and CRM system.


Quickly search, find, replay and share recorded conversations. All in a secure environment that fully respects your privacy and data access policies.


Capture agent screens from the beginning of the conversation until the end of ‘wrap up’ time in order to obtain a complete understanding of the entire interaction with the customer.


Explore conversations by listening to voice recordings and viewing agent screens. Identify key issues related to your workflow and training processes.


Identify best practices, help train employees, improve effectiveness in usage of new applications while identifying business process errors, as well as inappropriate or unproductive activities.

Why choose us Call and Screen Recorder?

Why choose CCBox Call Recorder?

While recording calls in multiple branch offices or contact centre locations you will benefit from a centrally managed system that synchronises all the interactions into one central place.


Ensure 100% reliability in critical environments. Maintain redundancy utilising our unique high availability design to make sure no single call is missed.


Gain deeper understanding of the recorded calls thanks to integration with your contact centre platform.


Secure your data from unauthorized access by enabling data encryption. Leverage audit trails and automatic pause and resume functionality to record only what you are allowed to.


Due to the unique architecture of a powerful business intelligence solution you can load as many data as you need to. And you will enjoy a fast and secure solution from the comfort of a web browser for both viewing and creating reports.


Define specific retention policies based on the business data attached to each interaction in order to ensure compliance and to optimise storage space.


Why choose CCBox Screen Recorder?

Define flexible recording rules to capture only what you need. Configure the quality of screen recordings to meet your network, storage and business needs.


Manage your storage rules for call and screen captures separately. Delete screen captures while retaining recorded calls for compliance purposes.


Recorded screens are encrypted as needed to meet PCI DSS compliance requirements or to ensure high standards of customer data protection.


Screen recording is often a way of identifying outstanding performance, but it can also capture unauthorised activity and fraudulent behaviour.


Screen capture ensures even remote or at-home workers receive the same standard of training and coaching as the rest of the organisation.


Automated Pause and Resume functionality blacks out the screen, so no sensitive data is visible on agents’ desktops to ensure compliance with legal obligations.

Quality Management

Authentic communication means happier customers. Give your agents what they need to ensure customers get what they want.


Automate your quality assurance process by scheduling work for team leaders to evaluate a given number of interactions based on specific criteria, including business data.


Accurately measure agent performance based on standardized, predefined scorecards, which are distributed to your team leaders. Set deadlines and check progress.


Determine strong and weak performers. Compare skills, agents or groups. Use trend reports and graphs to identify individual agent and team progress improvements.

Why choose CCBox Quality Management?


Create fairness and consistency in agent evaluations by comparing agent scores from various evaluators. Set standards and measure standard deviation to ensure that all your team leaders are calibrated.


Improve agent involvement in quality processes and allow agents to evaluate themselves too! Agents can compare how they are scored in comparison to their own assessment. This is a very powerful coaching tool.


Listen to the real voice of the customer in post call surveys and analyse the results in connection to agent performance. See what interactions are scored the worst or best by your clients in order to learn from them.


Make sure you are evaluating the right calls. Leverage CCBox Speech Analytics and select calls based on business objectives to ensure compliance, script adherence and detect customer churn.


Provide feedback to agents together with study materials in order to improve their score. Two-way feedback is incorporated into every aspect of the evaluation process including complete feedback history.


See the results visualized in out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and drilldown graphs. Identify agent strengths and weaknesses and track their historical improvement. Export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Voice of the Customer

Learn how your customers really feel about the service they have just experienced.


Create surveys in an easy to use web-based editor. Ask one or more questions. Provide the option to leave a voice message. All this without having to ask your IT department for assistance


Invite customers to provide feedback about their experience once the conversation is complete. Compare how your supervisors and customers perceive the work of your agents.


Track your customers’ satisfaction over time and get a detailed understanding of what makes them feel great. There is no better path to success than turning your customers into your promoters.

Why choose CCBox Voice of the Customer?


Capture the voice of the customer at the right time. Collect feedback just seconds after they experienced your service.


Ask as many questions as you want. Mix open and closed questions and let customers answer with a combination of DTMF tones and voice messages.


Finish your survey questions by asking customers for any other feedback. You will be surprised by what you will gain competitive insights, endorsements or answers to questions you hadn’t thought to ask.


Link immediate voice of the customer survey results to the specific agent interaction for improved quality management and evaluation.


Survey questions can be easily modified in an intuitive user interface. No need to call your IT for configuration changes and adjustments.


Compare the survey results against customer satisfaction scores. Drill to individual survey question for root cause to address agent needs for improvement.

Live Monitoring

For agent improvement, timely feedback is critical. Listen to agents’ calls and monitor their screens in real time in order to provide effective coaching.


When the unexpected happens, you can monitor or record calls outside of your planned recording routine. It doesn’t matter where the call is happening – in the C-Suite, the contact center, remote offce or home.


Executives can use a simple on-demand function to record a specific call on a phone that is not normally recorded. In the contact center, the supervisor can click on an agent to monitor, record and evaluate the audio stream and the live view of the agent desktop.


On-demand recordings are stored securely and can only be reviewed by authorized staff. But all other Live Monitoring recordings can be flagged, commented and marked for future review in CCBox Quality Management or set as an example in the CCBox E-learning library.

Why choose CCBox Live Monitoring?


Turn on call recording in the middle of the conversation based on what you hear and still save the entire call from its beginning for future analysis.


Built to perform in large enterprises and multi-site deployments, you can monitor agents in different locations including agents working from home.


Ensure that supervisors and team leaders can view calls only within their assigned range while call centre managers have full access.


Directly flag and comment, any calls on the fly. Leverage this data for other quality processes and triggers within the CCBox Quality Management Platform.


Customize how business data related to the calls are displayed on your screen, including information from the contact centre platform and CRM.


Select the quality, scaling and frames per seconds to optimize bandwidth and storage requirements for the recorded screens.


Contact centre knowledge base – the right answer every time


Create simple instructions for your agents and use the existing knowledge base or any digital content that can be referenced by a unique link. Include sample calls with screen recordings as learning material.


Distribute training packs to a single agent, selected teams, or the entire business unit. E-learning package can also be delivered to remote and home based agents.


Agents always complete a custom quiz after training in order to measure knowledge acquisition. You can track their progress and measure the effectiveness of the training on future calls.


The information from your statistics and article reviews enable you to continuously improve your knowledge base and make it better and more valuable.

Why choose CCBox Knowledge?


We know what is required for a high-quality knowledge management system; CCBox offers a cloud-based intelligent knowledge base platform that can handle your customers’ questions with ease. 


No cumbersome actions or complicated screens; everything is deployed on one screen; Save time and improve efficiency of your agents


Provide superior service to your customers not only the wishes of your customer, but also the wishes of you as a partner are central. Together we draw up a roadmap for further development;


Web self-service based on your needs: static web pages with frequently asked questions, dynamically served database-driven answers, or a modern dynamic and personalized online Help Centre.


Integrate with your CTI, chat, email and CRM systems so that your customers have access to their knowledge base within this software.

Marketing Routing System (MRS)

Define all your media sources, brands and marketing campaigns through one tool.


Establish your marketing objectives through media sources and brands.


Create and build your marketing campaigns using one tool.


Ensure all of you calls reach the appropriate destination using a simple reputable user interface to allow non-technical staff to direct calls to the correct end points.

Why choose CCBox Marketing Routing System (MRS)?


By bringing a complex marketing strategy tool in-house, it is easier to manage and control all campaigns using one user interface. Route and source your marketing campaigns from their beginning through to the final destination.


Maintain and develop third party specialist skills.


No need to outsource your marketing department, all strategies and campaigns can be done in-house. Atomise the content of your marketing strategy and import it into the MRS system to build your campaigns through the tool.


Assign data to the calls and link with your own reporting system to develop a further understanding of the success rate of each campaign.

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