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Each product package can give you everything you need depending on your organisation’s current customer experience situation, the tools already at their fingertips and the overall objective for growth and improvement.

Your customers expect so much of your business from every single contact with you. Every contact has the capacity to alter a customer’s perception of your business and this is the same regardless of the size of your organisation or the number of people working in your customer experience department. Don’t leave it to chance.

Built on information

The development of CCBox has followed years of work and countless insights gathered from a plethora of conversations and specialist contact centre projects. Built on information from businesses in different industries and individuals in a range of departments with different responsibilities and personal drivers. We’ve established the common ground as well as identified the idiosyncrasies that are actually a point of commonality where improvements can be made for many.

CCBox is customer driven

All our solutions are 100% customer driven. Brought to life for the sole purpose of making the lives of our customers easier, keeping customer experience constantly improving, making business less costly and the entire organisation more profitable. Whether we’ve designed and developed the features in-house or cherry picked the best products on the market from the most cutting-edge developers, everything is introduced because we recognise the direct business need. We have confidence that our solutions are the ones to do the job, because our customers have told us they are.

CCBox Lumiéres is compatible with Cisco CCX, CCE, PCCE, HCS and WxCC.

Let us help you find the package which suits your business needs.

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Each product package can give you everything you need depending on your organisation’s current customer experience situation. Find the right solution for your business.

CCBox Enable

Empowering you by putting the data you need, right at your fingertips.

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CCBox Optimise

The first step to gaining back your time.

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CCBox Advance

Propelling you into the extraordinary with insight tools to help you grow from strength to strength.

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CCBox Parts

Individual or bespoke groups of modules, for times when a packaged solution is not right for your business needs.

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