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CCBox Aloha is compatible with Cisco CCX, CCE, PCCE, HCS.

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Your customers expect so much of your business from every single contact with you. Every contact has the capacity to alter a customer’s perception of your business and this is the same regardless of the size of your organisation or the number of people working in your customer experience department. Don’t leave it to chance.

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Clear contact centre wallboard information configured in seconds.


Pre-built integration for contact centres imports your configuration.
Simple drag and drop administration allow non-technical resources to build and copy wallboard profiles in seconds.


Create as many templates and screens as required with no screen-based license limits. Once built, simply provide URLs for display screen browsers. Works on any screen / PC with no proprietary hardware / software requirements.


Clear and simple wallboards, showing core, pre-built contact centre information, in clear resizable widgets. Threshold monitoring alerts, text and gauges provide absolute clarity in the view of the screens.

Why choose CCBox Wallboard?


Pre-defined integration makes use of downloadable configuration to pre-populate the wallboard builder with all required configuration.


Pre-defined statistics to meet real time contact centre management requirements. Simply choose the stat required, the configuration item, the colour scheme and graphics, drag into the right place on the screen, and resize to requirements.


Need a different screen per team or skill, supervisor, location, brand or department? CCBox Wallboard offers as many screen variations as required, with no additional costs.

Create and copy wallboard styles to meet all end user requirements.


Contact centre statistics can be blended with other non-contact centre information, allowing for multimedia feed, ticker messages, branding and core information to be presented as drag and drop widgets, to the customers own design requirements.


Appreciating that the world is not a ‘one size fits all’ place is not a problem, need a custom stat, a custom colour scheme, a custom feature or feed?

All options are on the table, talk to us about custom requirements!


Easy post call customer satisfaction surveys for immediate feedback from your clients.


Create surveys in an easy to use web-based editor. Ask one or more questions. Provide the option to leave a voice message. All this without having to ask your IT department for assistance.


Invite customers to provide feedback about their experience once the conversation is complete. Callers are seamlessly transferred to the survey, and customers are guided through the process.


See recent results to monitor current performance, or view historical data, broken down by the contact centre dimensions e.g. agents, teams, skills to get a view of your customer satisfaction.

Why choose CCBox CSAT?


Capture the voice of the customer at the right time. Collect feedback just seconds after they experienced your service.


Ask customers questions that they can answer with yes/no, or ratings using DTMF tones. Ask customers to leave verbal messages, to leave feedback in their own words, aligned to their survey.


Calls are automatically pushed into the survey unless callers opt out. Agents are not informed of which calls are to be surveyed, unless required by the administrators. No more cherry picking of calls to be surveyed or forgotten post call transfers.


Business users can easily manage surveys, using a drag and drop interface to provision and order questions. Default prompts can be loaded for out of band responses.


Filter reporting data as required to get the feedback and call flows, agents, skills, or teams. See average score information, compare results to key contact data, listen to, and download feedback.


Call your customer back, when it suits them.


Predefined integration utilising scripting elements for callback selection by customers, and a Finesse gadget to manage callbacks through to agents.


Offer a customer experience that suits the customer requirement and the business need. Collect callbacks and offer queue position hold, demand levelling, or customer specified callback time capabilities.


Managed via CCBox Management Portal, allowing callback thresholds to be set and changed by supervisors on a call flow basis, at their convenience, to meet business requirements.

Why choose CCBox Callback


Choose the customer experience that suits your business and customers most effectively. Callbacks can be queued in real time, or customers may choose the time at which they require to be called back. Alternatively, callbacks can simply be logged until agents become available, levelling demand on the contact centre and keeping abandon rate, agent utilisation and service level under control.


Ask as many questions as you want. Managing customer callback has never been easier. The management portal GUI provides simple configuration and enablement of the callback solution, whilst pre-defined scripts run in the background to enable callbacks.


Being able to choose how they can consume your service, if unable to queue, or not wishing to queue improves the customer experience, and increases satisfaction, all whilst benefitting the contact centre pressure and wait times.


CUIC templates provide details as to the number of calls within the callback solution, the progress of calls in the system, and the outcome of the callbacks undertaken. All combined with your standard contact centre metrics, enabling a clear view of the benefits and improvements the callback service provides.

Question Response (QR)

Giving agents the right script tools to improve the customer experience.


Integrates with the standard features of the solution to pass variables to a Finesse gadget.


Provides agents with a complete script for inbound and outbound (dialler) calls. Data retrieved from back end systems, or the dialler import lists, is blended into customized script templates, to provide
the agent with a seamless script.


As agents work through script steps, each response and next step is recorded. Agents can also enter custom data or carry out third party actions e.g. send emails.

Why Choose CCBox QR?


An agent may be a member of multiple skills, with multiple lines of enquiry, in either inbound or

outbound campaigns. In order that customers experience a uniform and quality assured journey, the use of a script can provide many benefits, guiding agents through calls and finding next steps/advising on actions. Each script utilises a separate background colour for rapid flow identification.


The script is automatically loaded with customer data on call arrival, populated with customer info to enable ID&V, or simply smoothly flow the customer name into the call opening. As an agent works the call, each decision point is configured, with the agent clicking through the decision tree as they go.


Where compliance and KPI within calls are an issue, QR allows these steps to be highlighted within the script. Agents must physically check boxes to ensure they have completed such steps effectively. Where calls may require payments to be taken, steps to ensure compliance to the process can be embedded into the script, e.g. a ‘pause recording now’ button or ‘send an email’ button.


Where a customer has been called before in an outbound scenario, or called into the contact centre, a log of the call is maintained within QR, including call outcome codes, and agent notes. When new calls are made or received, the call history is shown to the agent to provide context to the current call.


With the ability to see the call script, follow step by step instructions, and have all key call elements

highlighted, it is possible for agents with relatively little experience and training to pick up a call flow and script, hit the key metrics and QA points and handle successful calls.

Management Portal

Empowering supervisors to take control of the contact centre.


Pre-defined integration utilizing scripting elements for the management of call flows.


Supervisors are now able to control the contact centre via their web browser. Call flows, queues, messages, location management, skills, opening hours, public holidays can be configured individually or in bulk.


All changes undertaken on the management portal are logged in a simple to access and review audit path, providing referenceable data for the reporting of system changes and management of supervisor engagement.

Why choose CCBox Management Portal?


Managing call flows and queues has traditionally been the role of subject matter experts, the ‘IT department’ or the supplier/partner support team, causing delay in requests being actioned. Management Portal brings the most common changes into a simplified GUI, on a browser-based platform that enables supervisors and team leaders to control the contact centre in an instant.


To ensure that supervisors are only able to see and edit the queues and call flows they are responsible for, a management layer exists to restrict users to only change what they are allowed to change, within the call flows they support. All changes are logged against user credentials for the purposes of feedback and reporting.


A large contact centre may have many entities, broken down by location, call flow, sub call flow and queue. Each of these elements exists within the Management Portal allowing for the permutations of the contact centre environment. It is now easy to close entire sites, move calls between locations, overflow calls between call flows and manage non-standard operations.


On a call flow by call flow basis, users can now change messages as required, or insert new messages into the call flow or queue. Messages can be uploaded as required, and then selected to be part of the flow, in pre-defined areas of the script.


Public holiday management in the contact centre, can often be a challenge, with multiple call flows, across multiple work streams, often requiring differing behaviour. Using CCBox Management Portal, supervisors can now create special events, to adjust opening hours and messaging for particular dates, and then assign these across one, or many call flows. Adjustments and changes now take seconds, rather than hours.

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