The power of CCBox is in being the only scale-able customer experience optimisation solution with everything you need to achieve your customer experience goals, in ONE SINGLE SOLUTION. Now with CCBox Lumiéres you can utilise all your optimisation tools in the cloud.

CCBox Lumiéres is compatible with Cisco CCX, CCE, PCCE, HCS and WxCC

What is CCBox?

With CCBox there are three uniquely packaged options, each with a set of products, chosen because of the way they work together to give you the functions and features you really need, and to remove the disinformation that adds clutter instead of business benefit. Each package brings simplicity to the vast number of product concepts around performance, compliance, analysis, forecasting, measuring, insight and efficiency. You will be empowered through simple to deploy, simple to use tools, giving you back control of your business goals, irrespective of the size of your operation

Contact Centre Management Software

Empowering you by putting the data you need, right at your fingertips.

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Understand the context of what is happening inside and outside your business by recognising today’s trends, NOW.

Give the people at the heart of the operation the information they need and empower them to take the data and act upon it instantly or as and when it matters.

Question Response
Management Portal
NEW Chatbot
NEW Call Recording Archiver
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Contact Centre Management Software

The first step to gaining back your time.

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Manage the time hungry processes of creating, gathering, digesting and translating the information coming in and going out of your business with every customer contact. Understand your customer, the trends, engage your employees, and optimise your business.

Benefit from the commercial advantage of your customers receiving the right information in the way they expect.

Call and Screen Recorder
Quality Management
Voice of the Customer
Live Monitoring
NEW Marketing Routing System
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Contact Centre Management Software

Propelling you into the extraordinary with insight tools to help you grow from strength to strength.

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Let the tech take care of everything, automating analysis to instantly identify quality issues and allow you to concentrate your efforts on the areas of pinpointed need.

Delve deeper into data, with enhancements that can detect trends from individual content of a contact as well as on an emotional and behavioural level.

Performance Analytics
Speech Analytics
Video and Telepresence Recording
WFM Premium
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Contact Centre Management Software

Flexibility at your fingertips

There are several reasons a package may not be for your business. If you have a requirement that needs a very specific solution, then you can still benefit from the expertise that has been invested in CCBox with a purchase of any of our products on an individual basis. We can offer our specialist perspective advice and suggest which CCBox Parts products would provide the optimum solution.

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The ethos of making life simple that’s built into our products, is replicated across our partner model. By choosing CCBox for your customer, you have all the must have customer experience products in a range of purchase options, all from one source. Enjoy the benefits of this simplicity by becoming a CCBox Partner.

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